Chapter 4


I got a phone call at about 4 in the morning. Aaliyah was murdered and Catherine was put in a shelter for homeless teens for the night.

"Are you able to house another child Ms. Bueno?" The woman from the shelter asked me.

"Yes, of course." I said.

"Okay great. How soon can you be in New York to pick her up?" The woman asked.

"I can be there tomorrow." I replied.

"Okay, so I’ll need at least 2 forms of state and picture I.d., your last 3 electricity bills and your last 3 pay stubs. All for security purposes of course." The woman said.

"I’ll be sure to have everything. Thank you." I said and hung up. I walked into Sam’s room.

"Sam, wake up." I said lightly tapping him. He shifted and sat up, yawning. 

“What time is it?” He asked while stretching. 

“It’s 4:30. Pack a bag, quickly, we’re going to New York.” I said. 

“But what about football?” He asked me.

“I’ll explain everything to your coach, but um there’s a family emergency so we need to go.” I said.

“What happened?” He asked looking worried. I took a deep breath.

“Well, Aaliyah was murdered and Cathy’s in a shelter. We have to go pick her up. She’s going to move in with us.” I said. He looked extremely confused, but he didn’t ask questions. He just got up and went to the bathroom. I went back to my room and packed my bag.
Half an hour later we were on the road and going to New York.


After the cops realized I have no immediate family in New York, they took me to a homeless teen shelter. The lady that works here is really nice, but I really didn’t want to be here. She gave me a change of clothes (a short sleeve t-shirt, sweats and socks) and showed me the room I could use for tonight, well this morning. I couldn’t sleep at all. I just stared at the ceiling and cried silently. Aaliyah was really gone. My older sister, my best friend, my rock, the girl I looked up to, the only one I could really relate to…is gone. I tried going to sleep, but every time I closed my eyes, I saw Aaliyah. I tried listening to music, but every song annoyed me. So I just sat there in my own grief and misery. An hour passed and I watched as the sky started to get brighter. I watched the sunrise and then the people going about their daily lives. I ended up falling asleep around 7:30 am, but the lady woke me up an hour later to let me know there was breakfast in the cafeteria. I was far from hungry, but I got up and sat down at a table by myself. I plugged in my headphones and buried my face in my arms. I felt someone rubbing my back. I lifted my head slightly and saw my boyfriend, Josh. Cassie and Trey were here too. I pulled my headphones out and they all kinda half smiled at me. I closed my eyes and the tears came back. Josh hugged me and that only made me cry more.

“I’m so sorry baby, my mom said that if this place lets her, she’ll take you home and you can live with us until college.” Josh said kissing my forehead. I finally stopped crying and hugged Trey and Cassie.

"We brought you ice cream." Trey said holding up the Haagen Dazs carton and smiling.

"Thanks, but I’m really cold. They only gave me this short sleeve tshirt and they’ve been pumping that AC since last night." I said.

"Here." Cassie said handing me her oversized cardigan. I took it graciously.

"I don’t wanna eat that whole thing of ice cream by myself guys." I said.

"So we’ll share and talk." Josh said showing me 4 spoons.

"Okay." I said grabbing the ice cream and zoning out. I’m not sure what they were talking about, but I saw that lady coming towards me again.

"Catherine, sweetie, someone is here to pick you up." The woman said. I looked at Josh and he just looked confused.

"Come with me to the office." She said. I stood up and followed her. I saw Sam and Titi Emily sitting there. I hugged them as tight as I could. God knows how happy I was to see them.

"Titi, where are we going?" I asked her after we left the shelter.

"I’m staying with my friend from high school and she said you could stay there with us until we go to Virginia." She said.

"Oh okay, when are you guys going back down?" I asked.

"In three days, we are ALL going back to Virginia." She said.

"Oh no, I can’t, I have school in a few days." I said.

"You’re transferring to Woodside and going to school with Sam. You’re moving in with us in Virginia." She said.

"But all my friends live here, my boyfriend lives here. I don’t wanna start over." I said

"I’m sorry Cathy, but we can’t just uproot our lives and move to New York." She said.

"You don’t have to Titi, I can live with Cassie or Josh or Trey." I said. She just ignored me for the rest of the drive and I knew that was it. I could kiss New York goodbye in a few days.


Chapter 3


After Aaliyah left this morning, I went down to the pool with my bros. Zun and Selena were there. I always tried to get Zun’s attention, indirectly, but it never works. I’ve had a crush on her since our freshman year, but she never really noticed me. I’m not even sure she knows my name.

"Hey, what do you guys want for dinner?" My mom asked, poking her head out from the kitchen.

"Anything you make is always delicious." Chris replied smiling.

"It’s okay Chris, you don’t have to lie to her, she already likes you." I said. My mom mean-mugged me and I laughed.

"Well thank you Chris." My mom said smiling. Out of all my friends, my mom liked Chris the best. She said he was a good influence on me.

"Did Aaliyah text you or call you?" He asked.

"Nah, she’s probably really excited to be back with her sister and her friends and stuff. She was really popular at her old school." I replied.

"I know, I just miss her." He said.

"Bro, its only been a few hours." I said laughing.

"Man, shut up." He said sucking his teeth. I turned on my xbox and we played 2k13.


Me, Aaliyah and Cassie went out to the city in honor of Aaliyah being back. It was almost 3 in the morning when we got back to our apartment.

"Are your parents fighting again?" Cassie asked.

"Sounds like it." I said standing in front of the door.

"Step back youngin’s." Aaliyah said unlocking the door and stepping inside. As soon as I entered the house, I realized it wasn’t my parents, it was my father and his gang.

"There in our room." Aaliyah whispered. We followed her into the hallway as she flicked the light on. As if on cue, someone came from the living room and shot her. I screamed at the top of my lungs and immediately checked to see if she was still alive. Cassie ran out of the apartment. I held my sister’s hand and cried. She was dead. I couldn’t open my eyes to look at her because the tears just kept falling.

"Dammit Darrel! I didn’t tell you to kill nobody! I said see who’s coming in the house!" I heard a familiar voice yell. It sounded like my father. Then I heard the gun go off three times. I’m guessing Darrel was dead too. I couldn’t stop the tears. I’m not even sure how this could possible happen to Aaliyah. She’s the sweetest person on earth.

About 20 minutes later, I saw lights and heard sirens. I was still Hysterical and I’m not sure who called 911. I watched them put Aaliyah into the back of the ambulance. I wanted to cry, but no more tears were coming out.

"Excuse me ma’am, I’m officer Diaz and I understand this is hard, but I’m going to have to ask you some questions." A police officer said to me. I looked over his shoulder and saw Cassie talking to a different police officer. She looked shaken up, maybe she called 911.

"What is your relation to the victim?" He asked me.

"I’m her younger sister." I said.

"Okay, can you give me both of your names and ages?" He asked.

"Her name is Aaliyah, A-A-L-I-Y-A-H, Haughton, H-A-U-G-H-T-O-N. She was 18. My name is Catherine Bueno and I’m 16." I said.

"Okay Ms. Bueno, can you describe everything that happened tonight?" He asked me.

"Well Aaliyah just came back from Virginia this morning-

"Why was she in Virginia?" He cut me off.

"Because she didn’t wanna live here anymore, so she went to live with my aunt in Virginia." I said. He nodded and scribbled.

"-so me, her and a friend went out to the city to celebrate." I paused.

"Who’s the friend?" He asked.

"Her name is Cassandra Ventura, she’s 17." I said. He nodded again, still scribbling.

"When we got back here, it was about 3 am and we heard a lot of noise while we were still in the hallway." I said pausing again.

"Does Cassandra live in this building too?" He asked. I nodded.

"Aaliyah went inside first and turned on the light. Then some guy just came from the living room and shot her. That’s when Cassandra ran out." I said.

"Can you describe the man?" He asked. I shook my head no and sighed.

"All I know is that he was black and tall." I said honestly.

"Can you estimate his height?" He asked.

"No, but I think his name was Darrel." I said suddenly remembering what I’d heard.

"You know him?" He asked, looking suspicious.

"Not at all, but when I was next to her, I over-heard someone saying ‘Dammit Darrel! I didn’t tell you to kill nobody! I just said to check who’s coming in the house!’" I said quoting my father.

"Did you recognize the voice that said it?" He asked.

"I think it was my father, but I didn’t look up to check because after he said that I heard three gunshots." I said.

"Okay Ms. Bueno, would you happen to have you and your sister’s I.D.?" He asked. I nodded and handed him both I.D. cards.

"Okay and who is that woman in the other room?" He asked.

"Probably my mother." I said.

"Can you tell me your parents’ names?" He asked.

"Lisa Bueno & Thomas Haughton." I said.

"Okay well, since you’re a minor you have to come back to the station with me and we’ll find somewhere for you to stay." He said smiling half-heartedly. I just followed him to the cop car and got in the back.


Chapter 2 



"Are you sure this is a good idea?" I asked Catherine as she unlocked the door to the two bedroom apartment our parents rented in Harlem.
 She nodded with reassurance.

"Just walk straight to the room. You know how Mami is, she probably forgot you moved out." She said and we both laughed knowing she was right.

When we stepped inside I could barely recognize the place I used to call home. There were bottles everywhere, both empty and broken. The kitchen was full of empty take-out containers, an overflowing sink along with an overflowing trash can. There was vomit in every pot, bowl or bucket. The refrigerator was empty as well as the cabinets, minus the rodents running through them. I looked at the coffee table and there were three eviction notices.

"I think it’s gotten worse." I said as I watched three mice squirm on the same glue trap.

"Ever since you left, I pretty much moved out too. I only came back to get clothes and I stayed at Cassie’s. I didn’t wanna waste my time trying to clean everything here when I knew they were gonna mess it up again." She said.

"Nadine? Is that you? Go get me an iced coffee." I heard my mom say. I guess she was drunk again.

"You’re not at work ma, you got fired. It’s Catherine." She said, kind of irritated.

"Well who’s that?" She asked pointing at me and squinting her eyes.

"Its Aaliyah." I said.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I’m staying here for 3 days until I start college." I said. I already knew what came next.

"Well get out! I don’t like you! I don’t want you here!" She screamed, throwing the glass in her hand at me. I ducked and walked into me and Catherine’s room with Cathy following close behind. This was probably the only clean room in the house. I heard her banging on the door.

"I SAID GET OUT! I WANT YOU OUT! YOU’RE AN UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BITCH! YOU THINK YOU CAN COME AND GO AS YOU PLEASE! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" She continued banging on the door so I opened it. She grabbed me and started choking me. Just as I pushed her off of me, the front door opened. It was my father. I used to be a daddy’s girl, before I found out my dad was a drug dealer and a murderer. Catherine had a better relationship with my mom before she got fired and became an alcoholic. I’m glad my father’s here though so she’ll leave me alone for now.

"Lisa!" My father called.

"What Thomas?!" She yelled back.

"Watch your tone when you speak to me. Now listen, I’m getting real tired of this shit. First you lose your job, now your drinking is out of control, you ran our daughter out of the house, you don’t cook or clean anymore. If you don’t get a job or at least get this apartment together, I want you out." He said.

"You can’t kick me out Thomas, you need me! If you kick me out, who’s gonna pay your bail every time you get caught selling?!" She yelled at him. My father walked over and slapped my mother across the face so hard that she fell to the floor.

"You forgot that its my money you bail me out with? Get a job or get out." He said and left the apartment. Catherine began helping my mother up and into her own room. then she got a towel and tried to clean her busted lip. I just shook my head. I don’t know why Catherine didn’t come to Virginia with me.



Selena and I were at the pool, tanning. As student body president, I had way more to be doing right now, but I just needed a day to relax. Selena was captain of the cheer leading team as well as my best friend. Since we’re about to be seniors, we’re basically gonna run this school. I’m pretty excited.

"Did you choose your first day of school outfit yet?" Selena asked me.

"No, I don’t even know what I’m wearing to freshman orientation." I replied.

"Wear a sundress and some wedges, maybe a blazer or something. I don’t know, look presidential." She replied laughing.

"That was extremely helpful. Thanks." I said sarcastically and we both laughed.

"It’s easy easy for you, all you have to do is wear your cheer leading uniform." I said to her.

"Yeah, well maybe if you would have tried out with me, we could both be wearing it." She said.

"There’s only one captain though, and we both know you can’t boss me around." I said.

"Well of course not, but you could have been my co-captain, duh." She said.

"Ugh, whatever. Let’s go in the pool, it’s too hot. Plus I heard you get a better tan in the water anyway." I said as we got up to get in the pool.

"Selenaaaa." Some boy called from across the pool.

"Hey Sam." Selena smiled and waved. Sam was sitting next to these two other boys, but they wouldn’t get in the water. It’s probably easier to watch girls from the edge of the pool.

"Zun, you know Sam right?" Selena whispered to me.

"He’s the one you just said hi to?" I asked.

"Yes, okay now look to the left of him." She said.

"Ooooookaaayyyy." I said urging her to continue.

"I have the biggest crush on that boy, his name is Daniel. Zun, this might be love." She said. I laughed and rolled my eyes. She’s so over-dramatic. She says the same thing every time she found some one the slightest bit attractive.

"He’s cute…for you." I said and we both laughed. I never understood how some people could be so focused on other people. I just wanted to make sure I got outstanding grades and did everything I needed to do to get into college. I’m too determined to be successful to let any boys or drama get in my way.

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Chapter 1


I sat on the edge of the pool just letting my feet dangle in the water. School starts in one week and I’ll be a senior. This should be a great year. I wish Aaliyah would have stayed in Virginia for college instead of going back to New York. She said she promised her younger sister that she’d go back though, which is understandable. It’s only been a few months, but I feel like she’s the one for me. As soon as we both graduate college, we’ll have a big house and a beautiful family. For the few months that she was here, she met most of my family, and I can’t wait to meet hers. I knew she wasn’t gonna be at the school for long because she was a senior, but I had to make her mine. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. After I got to know her, her personality only made her more beautiful. She was sweet to every person that she came across and definitely left her mark on Woodside. I never thought she would even consider me since I’m a year younger than her, but she’s different than most girls and that’s what I loved the most about her.


I sat in the passenger’s seat of Trey’s car and I could not sit still. We were on our way to get Aaliyah from the airport. I’m so glad she decided to come back to New York for college. The last time we spoke, she told me she met this guy and wanted to stay in Virginia with him, but we didn’t get to discuss too many details. It’s only been three months since she left, but I still missed her like crazy.

When we pulled up to the front of Laguardia airport, Aaliyah was standing there looking around. I ran out of the car so fast and hugged her tighter than ever. Even though she was a year older than me, Aaliyah was only 5’5”, and I was 5’8”.

"I missed you so much!" I said, still hugging her.

"I know, I missed you too." She said, hugging me back. Trey got out of the car and walked over to us.

"Hey Trey." Aaliyah said opening her arms for a hug.

"How are you?" Trey asked hugging her. She took a deep breath.

"It just feels great to be back." She said smiling at us.

"Come on, let’s go get something to eat." I suggested. Trey took Aaliyah’s bag and put it in the trunk. I sat in the back seat with her and observed her carefully. She got darker from being in Virginia.

"Cathy, can you text Cassie and ask her if she wants to come?" Trey asked me. Cassie is my best friend, I know she was asleep, but I texted her anyway.

"So tell me about everything. What have I missed?" Aaliyah asked, turning her full attention on me.

"Nothing’s really new. Same shit, different day." I replied honestly. She nodded.

"But tell me about Virginia. How’s Sam and Emily?" I asked.

"They’re great. Sam said he wanted to come with me, but you know he has football. Tia Emily said she’s thinking of moving up here after Sam graduates though. That should be fun." She paused and smirked a bit.

"Oh my God, I hope she decides to move up here, that would be great!" I said smiling at the thought of my cousin and my aunt living only a few minutes away.

"Oh and I told you about my little boo thang, right?" She asked smiling.

"Not enough!" I said intrigued. She sighed of happiness.

"He’s so great. I want you to meet him when you guys graduate. He’s your age." She said smiling.

"Awwww, I would love to." I said smiling. I love seeing my sister happy.

"Sorry to interrupt, but did Cassie respond?" Trey asked.

"Nope. I think she’s still sleeping bro." I said. He laughed.

"Okay thanks." He said as we pulled into a parking spot.